SIP Trunking

Enhance your on-premise or hosted infrastructure with reliable and flexible  SIP Trunking

What is a SIP Trunk?

A SIP trunk is a path via the Internet for a single voice (or fax) call between your PBX phone system and the legacy worldwide Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to connect. Whether you need a single channel, or 24 – Portal has you covered.

Carrier Grade SIP Trunks for Voice and Fax (T.38)

Benefit from a more flexible and efficient SIP Trunking Solution for your business. Telephone numbers are available in Canada and the United States.

SIP Trunking Features

With Portal Carrier Grade SIP Trunks, you get benefits and features not available from traditional telephone services.

Virtual Numbers

Set up a unique, local phone number wherever you do business. Create local numbers for each office or employee. You can also keep your current number.

Online Account Management

Through the online portal, you can manage your account, update your information, change preferences, add new services and view your billing and call details.

SIP Trunking Features

Free Calls – Make FREE calls to other Portal Network users anywhere in the world without minutes or paying long distance charges.

Call ID Block – Call anonymously whenever you like. This feature allows you to block your name and number from appearing on the recipient’s telephone display.

Fax Support – Enjoy all the added benefits of VOIP services with your babyTEL fax service (T.38).

Fax to Email – Receive your faxes by email if your line is busy.

911 Services – All Portal SIP Trunks come standard with E911 Emergency Service access.

IVR Failover – Our SIP Trunks come standard with the ability to fail over to an IVR hosted on our system which can be set to forward out to external PSTN or mobile numbers, or just terminate at a voicemail box; this allows you to ensure your office is always online.

Multiple Locations Serviced

Connect multiple office locations, home workers and road warriors, to the same centrally managed IP-PBX.

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