LTE SIM Backup

Always online. Always backed up.

Always Online with Portal AirConnect™ LTE Backup

With Portal LTE Backup, you can diversify your Internet technology with a backup internet connection and get access to our nationwide LTE wireless network starting at $9.95 a month. It’s fast, reliable, and delivered from the cloud.

You can expect a seamless, constant, redundant internet connection to our lightning fast wireless network so your business Internet is always up and running. And the best part is it’s available without a contract. Only pay for data usages when your primary Internet goes down, saving you thousands of dollars each year, while diversifying your Internet technologies.

Portal AirConnect™ LTE Backup Solution can help maintain your hosted phone system and business data needs.

Portal AirConnect™ LTE Backup Solution Advantages

LTE Speeds (+30Mb/s)

Nation-Wide Coverage

Lower Data Transfer Time

Free Installation

Runs your voice and data traffic during emergency outages

Does Your Back-Up System Have Carrier Redundancy and Route Diversity?

Previously, most businesses relied on an additional landline from an alternative provider to ensure connectivity during WAN outages. This solution, however, does not protect against outages caused by conditions affecting both landlines. Today, and with improved wireless technology, many IT managers rely on 4G/LTE Wireless Backup Solutions for their WAN backup plan from telephone providers for businesses.
As a method of mitigating this risk, it is vital to attaining route diversity via the coupling of separate providers, each using different routes.

Without effective route diversity, many businesses find that they suffer the perils of failures occurring in the provider’s network. Having true route diversity from a different carrier, one that uses a different route is essential for complete backup protection for your SIP Trunking solution or inbound Call Center service. Doing this through landlines is the traditional method. Additional equipment and other expenses that quickly add up are usually required.

In the past wireless connections with slow speeds and high latency make this an inefficient solution.

Welcome to 4G LTE

Luckily, thanks to the arrival of 4G/LTE businesses can now achieve true route diversity while keeping costs and equipment needs low. The Portal AirConnect™ LTE Wireless Backup Solution pairs with any Portal ISR (Integrated Service Router) device to bond your existing xDSL or Fiber Optic connections with our LTE service to ensure a 99.99% uptime environment throughout your business.