About Portal Networks Co.

We are dedicated humans working to change the way your business uses IT in day-to-day operations.  We want to have real conversations to help you  improve your business with technology.

What We’re All About

We’ve designed our services around simplicity and ease of use.
What good is a spectacular service if the controls are convoluted and stressful?

We Improve Your Business

A business starts first with an idea which needs to be nurtured; part of that nurturing process involves the right platform to effectively manage your business needs which can scale with you, and provide the enterprise features you require in your business without the enterprise sized price tag. A phone system hosted securely in the cloud to provide you with office and on-the-road connectivity, secure email, data storage and calendaring for your employees, and of course a simple interface to manage it through. Let us handle the IT, and you focus on your business. 

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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

Given the situation with COVID-19, all Portal employees are working remotely - our level of service will continue to stay the same as despite these limitations. To avoid our employees’ face-to-face interaction with customers and the general public, and to limit exposure to the virus, we will not travel on-site (e.g., to conduct a training) until April 30th, and extra precautions will be taken when conducting emergency repair site visits and installations necessary for continued business.